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welcome to pure nutrition!

We believe simple, wholesome, and natural food is the key to vibrant health. Foods from nature are designed to nourish our bodies, please our senses and focus our minds. Eating these pure foods allows you to not only achieve your optimum weight, but actually glow from the inside out.

How we eat and what we do with our bodies is as personal as it gets. That’s why our personal consultations are tailored to your individual needs and unique lifestyle. We ensure you are equipped with the tools necessary to achieve your goals in your life.  We strive to support personal progress, not unrealistic perfection.

We don’t believe in trendy labels, obsess about numbers or swear by unrealistic, inconvenient, and expensive health foods. You will not only learn what to eat, but how to eat. We strive to help each of our clients develop a sense of balance in their diet, and ultimately, in their life.

Pure Nutrition counseling is grounded in the latest nutrition research and science, with an open mind for alternative methods.  We believe that this perspective allows us to truly reflect our mission of providing customized nutrition counseling that supports the personal health, uniqueness and individuality of each of our clients.